Get a free GB of data a month with our new Lycarewards app

Download our app to earn Lycarewards points for viewing ads on your phone which you can redeem for Lyca data bundles or gift cards.

Get DOUBLE DATA plus 1,000 welcome points on registration and a further 1,000 points after 30 days (provided you remain logged into the app throughout that period).

It really is a no-brainer - download the Lycarewards app from the Google Play Store to start earning free data today!


Double data launch offer

Lycarewards Benefits Number of Reward Points Required
200Mb Lycarewards Launch Offer 2,500
400Mb Lycarewards Launch Offer 5,000
600Mb Lycarewards Launch Offer 7,500
1Gb Lycarewards Launch Offer 10,000
2GB Lycarewards Launch Offer 20,000
£5 Amazon gift card 25,000

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