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Cheap calls to North America

How to call America from a UK mobile

Looking for cheap calls to America? Lyca Mobile is the answer. With many UK mobile networks, calling North America from the UK always results in big bills. Knowing how to call America from the UK without running up extra costs can mean signing a new phone contract with Direct Debits and long-term costs. With our SIM cards, you don’t need to do anything except order a free SIM online, before buying a low-cost plan or adding Pay As You Go Credit. Just pop it into your mobile phone and start phoning USA numbers at low cost rates, with no contracts, credit checks or long-term billing.

Rates on mobile calls to North America

Our call rates for America are some of the best you’ll find if you’re looking for cheap calls to America. We don’t just cover the USA – with our plans you can call Canada and the Caribbean too. Dialling USA numbers costs just 1p a minute with our saver international rates, or 7p per minute on standard rates, and you can call both mobile and landline numbers. Canada calls cost only 1p a minute to landlines and mobiles on our saver international rates.

Check out our call rates for countries in North America. For example:

If you and your family use Lyca Mobile for their UK mobiles, you can also enjoy free Lyca-to-Lyca calls and texts as standard. To get started, order your SIM and add a plan or any £5 increment of credit from £5 to £100 online or by dialling 321.


North America calling SIMs

For the best way to make cheap calls to America, choose one of our international plans. They’re easy to add to your America calling SIM card. You can buy these plans any time and they last 30 days. After that, you have the flexibility to choose a different plan, buy the same plan or choose Pay As You Go credit instead.

Some of the best plans for making a call to North America include our All In One Plus 20 plan. This low-cost plan combines the convenience of UK minutes and international calls, so you don’t need two different plans or SIM cards to use at home and call abroad. You’ll get unlimited calls to the UK and over 40 destinations abroad, including the USA and Canada. Plus, unlimited UK texts, EU roaming and 10GB of data gives you everything you need to stay connected for just £20 a month.

Lyca Globe costs just £10 and for that low price, you’ll get a huge 3,000 international minutes for phoning America as well as EU roaming. Plus you can make as many calls and texts as you like to other UK Lyca Mobile numbers. For even less than £10, Unlimited 9.9 costs only £9.90 and gives you 3,000 minutes for phoning USA mobile and landline numbers.

Guide to making international calls to America

If you’re wondering how to make international calls, it’s simple:

  1. Dial 00
  2. Dial the country code for the location you are calling
  3. Dial the area code with the first 0 dropped
  4. Finish dialling the phone number
  5. Press call

Make sure you have the correct country code, or your call will not connect. For example:

  • USA +1
  • Canada +1

Can I transfer airtime to someone in another country?

Yes, you can share credit with friends and family abroad even if they don’t use Lyca Mobile. Use our International Airtime Transfer service to transfer credit to someone in another country.This means they’ll always be able to stay in touch.

When phoning America, remember to pay attention to time zones, as these can change depending on where in the country you’re calling. New York is four hours behind UK time, but LA is seven hours behind, while Hawaii is ten hours behind.

Can I use my phone abroad?

No, Lyca Mobile plans won’t work outside of the UK, unless you’re using a plan with EU roaming in Europe. Take a look at our roaming rates to see how much it costs to using your phone abroad on Lyca Mobile.

Do I need to keep buying the same call plan?

You don’t have to buy the same plan twice if you don’t want to. You can pick any of our plans after your 30-day plan ends, or you can top up your credit. Many of our plans also let you call more than one destination, so they’re perfect if you have friends and family in Canada, China, Hong Kong or the US.

Can I update my credit automatically?

You can choose to top up your credit automatically. If you never want to run out of credit, you can set your credit to update whenever you go below £5.