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Cheap Calls to South America

How to call Latin America from a UK mobile

Want to make cheap calls to South America from the UK? Then it’s important to find the right plan. If you often call Latin America then you might end up spending hours researching how to call South America without paying huge bills.

Alternatively, you can just use Lyca Mobile. Our South American calling SIM cards make it quick and easy to call abroad. All you need to do is order online and then insert the SIM into your mobile. Plus, there’s the added benefit of Lyca-to-Lyca UK calls being totally free, and with our referral program, you can get credit when you refer a friend, so everyone wins.

Rates on mobile calls to South American countries

You can choose to use Pay As You Go credit or use a Lyca Mobile plan to call abroad. Both give you amazing value, with some even offering EU roaming, so you can use your phone in Europe at no extra cost. Plus, you don’t need to get a new SIM to use a plan – you can buy a 30-day plan online whenever you like.

Check out our call rates for countries in South America:

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Our call rates for South America give you the best prices for calling abroad. You can top up with Pay As You Go credit online or by dialling 321, and then you’re ready to go.

Make cheap calls to Mexico for just 1p a minute to both landlines and mobiles on our international saver rates. Brazil is also just 1p a minute using our saver rates if you’re calling landline numbers, and 5p a minute to mobile numbers. Peru costs just 1p a minute to landlines and 3p a minute to mobiles on our saver rates too. Wherever your destination, Lyca Mobile can help you make cheap calls to South America.

South America calling SIMs

Lyca Mobile plans are easy to buy and use. You don’t need to sign a contract, there’s no credit check and you can start using your plan straight away. Just buy online and your plan will be active for 30 days. After that you can renew it, pick a new plan, or just top up your credit. Lyca Mobile gives you all the freedom you need.

Our mobile plans let you enjoy great value on UK calls alongside our excellent international rates for calling South America.

Guide to making international calls to South America

It’s easy to learn how to make international calls to South America or Central America:

  • 1. Dial 00
  • 2. Dial the country code for the place you’re calling
  • 3. Dial the area code but drop the first 0
  • 4. Dial your number
  • 5. Press call

Double check the country code before you dial, or your call won’t connect. For example:

  • Mexico +52
  • Peru +51
  • Paraguay +595
  • Chile +56
  • Ecuador +593
  • Argentina +54

Can I transfer airtime to someone in another country?

Yes. This super handy service from Lyca Mobile lets you transfer airtime credit to another phone abroad, even if that phone doesn’t use Lyca Mobile. This means friends and family will never have to be short of credit as you can share some of your own.

Will my phone work abroad?

Only with EU roaming. If your plan has EU roaming then you can use your phone like you use it in the UK – making calls and texts to UK numbers won’t cost any extra.

Can I automatically top up my phone credit?

Yes, you can. Lyca Mobile lets you choose when you want to top up, and how much you want to add. For example, if you worry about having £0 credit, you can set your account to top up £5 every time your balance is £5. That means you will never have less than £5 credit and you’ll always be able to make calls.

Can I switch to Lyca Mobile and keep my number?

Yes, you can. You’ll need to ask your current provider for a PAC code. Then, contact our Help team and we’ll transfer your number.