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Cheap calls to Oceania

How to call Oceania from a UK mobile

Want to call Oceania from the UK? Lyca Mobile can help. Our low-cost call rates for Oceania  mean you can make cheap calls to Australia  and  cheap calls to New Zealand. Many mobile networks charge extra to let you call friends and family abroad, which can make calling Australia a very expensive thing to do. With Lyca Mobile, all you need is a free SIM. Then, you can top up with Pay As You Go credit or a choice of amazing value call plans. Plus, with UK Lyca-to-Lyca calls included as standard,  you and your friends  can all benefit from our great prices.

Rates on mobile calls to Oceania countries

Our rates are hard to beat, offering cheap calls to Oceania, including Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Using our saver international rates, you can call Australia for just 1p a minute to landlines and 9p a minute to mobiles. New Zealand costs just 1p a minute to landlines and 5p a minute on our saver rates.

Check out our international call rates to countries in Oceania:

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Make sure you’re always able to stay in touch with our handy auto top-up service. You can choose how much you want to top up and when, so your call will never be cut short. For example, if you want to be automatically topped up by £5 every time your credit falls under £5, you’ll never be at risk of reaching £0 when you call Oceania.

Oceania calling SIMs

If you call Oceania regularly, the best way to make cheap calls to Oceania is with our international call plans. These call plans last 30 days. So you buy online and pay only once, you don’t need to sign a contract, have a credit check or set up a Direct Debit. Pay for your plan and use it for 30 days, then buy it again, change your plan or use Pay As You Go credit instead.

Want more? Try our All In One Plus 20 plan. You get all the same fantastic benefits but with a huge 10GB of mobile data. These plans are fantastic if you have family and friends all around the world. You can call Australia and New Zealand, as well as Belgium, the US, Canada, China, South Korea, Spain and Sweden, plus dozens of others.

Guide to making international calls to Oceania

When it comes to  how to make international calls , it’s actually very easy:

  1. Dial 00
  2. Dial the country code for the location you are calling
  3. Dial the area code with the first 0 dropped
  4. Finish dialling the phone number
  5. Press call

It’s important that you remember to end the call properly when you are finished, or you may waste international minutes or your credit.
You will also need to use the correct country code to connect successfully. For example:
Australia +61
New Zealand +64

Can I use my phone abroad?
Only in the EU. If your plan includes EU roaming (most do), you can use your phone in Europe without paying extra fees. Check the details of your plan to see if you have EU roaming or not – it should be clearly marked.

Can I transfer airtime to someone in another country?
Yes, and transferring airtime is a fantastic way to make sure your friends and family never run out of call credit. Lyca Mobile lets you transfer your credit to another phone even if they don’t use Lyca Mobile.