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Cheap calls to Asia

How to call Asia from a UK mobile

Staying in touch with friends and family is important to everyone – but call costs can be a huge obstacle when making calls to Asia. With Lyca Mobile, it’s easy to enjoy cheap calls to Asia, so you can keep in touch without worrying about big bills. Our Asia calling SIM cards are all you need to call Asia at unbeatable rates. We even have plans that are customised for the most popular call destinations, including Pakistan, China, India and the Far East, giving you 30 days of call minutes for a low cost you only have to pay once.

Rates on mobile calls to Asian countries

Our call rates for Asia are some of the very best available. For the same price that many UK networks charge for national calls, you can call Asia – that’s the value of Lycamobile. We cover a huge number of Asian call destinations, including India for 1p a minute or Pakistan for 2p a minute on our saver international rates. Far East destinations like Japan and China also enjoy incredible value. Call Japan for 5p a minute and China for just 1p a minute. Even Thailand and Vietnam are covered by our cheap calls to Asia, so whatever country you call, you’ll benefit from great value.

Check out our international call rates for countries across Asia:

You can easily order a Lyca Mobile SIM card online, and they’re completely free. You can choose how much credit you want to add, from as little as £5 to as much as £100, just add it online or by calling 321. Plus, all calls made from Lyca Mobile to Lyca Mobile phones in the UK are completely free as standard.

Asia calling SIMs

For the very best value on calls to Asia, use one of our Lyca Mobile plans. These plans last 30 days and unlock amazing prices for your call destination. Calling China? We have a dedicated China Plus M plan. This plan gives you 1,000 international minutes for cheap calls to China, unlimited UK texts, 1GB of mobile data and even EU roaming, all for just £10.

For more flexibility, our Bangladesh Plus S Plan offers 500 international minutes to Bangladesh and more than 40 other countries. It also comes with 1GB of mobile data, 500 UK minutes and texts and EU roaming, again for just £10.

If you’re making calls across Asia, try our Far East Plus plan. This plan lets you call multiple countries, including mobile numbers, so you have more freedom to call friends and family. This plan is ideal if you have family in China but also Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand, as they’re all covered by the plan. It’s just £10 for 30 days.

You’re free to change your mind every 30 days on what plan you’re using. You can enjoy a plan one month and then decide to use Pay As You Go credit the next month, so you’ll always have access to cheap calls to Asia in a way that works for you.

Guide to making international calls to Asia

Here’s how to make international calls using your new Lycamobile SIM:

  1. Dial 00
  2. Dial the country code for the location you are calling
  3. Dial the area code with the first 0 dropped
  4. Finish dialling the phone number
  5. Press call

Instructions for how to call Asia are the same, just make sure you use the correct international call country code. For example:

  • Bangladesh: +880
  • Cambodia: +855
  • China: +86
  • Hong Kong: +852
  • India: +91
  • Japan: +81
  • Malaysia: +60
  • Philippines: +63
  • South Korea: +82
  • Thailand: +66

Can I transfer airtime to someone in another country?

Yes, Lyca Mobile lets you move credit from your phone to friends and family abroad. Use our International Airtime Transfer service to send credit to someone in another country. Even if they don’t use Lyca Mobile, you can still make sure they have enough credit to make calls.

Is EU roaming included with my plan?

Most of our plans come with EU roaming, and you can check this on each plan page. If your plan does have EU roaming, it means you can use your Lyca Mobile in Europe the same way you use it in the UK and any calls you make using your plan won’t cost extra. If you call premium numbers or countries not included in your plan, you will be charged.

Can I use my Lyca Mobile plan abroad?

No, Lyca Mobile plans only work in the UK. You can use your plan in Europe if EU roaming is included in your plan. Call rates to Asia will be charged higher in other countries outside the UK.