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Cheap Calls to Africa

How to call Africa from a UK mobile

Lyca Mobile makes it easy to make cheap calls to Africa from the UK. When you call family and friends abroad on a regular basis, it’s important to find the best value for money. Many mobile networks, even with international calls included, can still lead to large monthly bills. Lyca Mobile’s call rates for Africa are some of the best around, with destinations like Nigeria costing just 1p a minute to landline numbers. For regular calls, try our international calling plans which offer 30 days of cheap calls to Africa. Our Africa call plans cover Ivory Coast, Guinea Bissau, Uganda, Ghana and Nigeria.

Rates on mobile calls to African countries

Calling Africa has never been so simple or low-cost. All you need to do is get a Lyca Mobile SIM card, easily ordered online for free, and then make it an Africa calling card. You can add one of our plans, or just top up online or by dialling 321. Our cheap rates mean you can call Africa for low prices. Calls to Ghana landlines cost just 23p a minute, or 19p a minute using our saver rates. Kenya calls cost only 9p a minute and calls to Nigeria can be just 1p a minute. Our Africa calling SIM cards save you money and make it easy to stay in touch.

Check out our international call rates for countries across Africa:

The best bit about Lyca Mobile? If you’re calling or texting another Lyca Mobile SIM, they’re free as standard. That means you can stay in touch with friends and family in the UK for nothing at all, so long as they use Lyca Mobile. Plus, you can get them started with our referral program and get extra credit when you refer a friend, so everyone wins.

Africa calling SIMs

If you want the very best value, choose one of our international calling plans. Take our Ghana plan: it costs just £20 a month, giving you 140 call minutes to Ghana for both landline and mobile numbers. This plan lasts 30 days and it’s the best choice for cheap calls to Ghana, giving you extra value compared to Pay As You Go credit. Our Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Guinea Bissau and Uganda plans are all fantastic value for cheap calls to Africa, while our Uganda Plan even comes with EU roaming.

Our mobile plans are amazingly flexible, lasting just 30 days. That means you don’t have any long-term commitments, and for an affordable price, you get 30 days access to international calls to your destination of choice. After 30 days, you can buy the same plan again or you can just top up your SIM card with credit using any amount between £5 and £100.

Guide to making international calls to Africa

Have your Lyca Mobile SIM ready? Take a look at our guide to how to make international calls to Africa and get calling!

How do I dial internationally to Africa?

To make an international call to Africa or any other country, follow these steps:

  • 1. Dial 00
  • 2. Dial the country code for the location you are calling (eg Ghana is 233)
  • 3. Dial the area code with the first 0 dropped
  • 4. Finish dialling the phone number
  • 5. Press call

You should always make sure to end your calls, so you don’t spend more minutes or credit than you need.

You’ll need the country code to get through to where you’re calling. For example:

  • Egypt +20
  • Ghana +233
  • Kenya +254
  • Morocco +212
  • Nigeria +234
  • South Africa +27
  • Uganda +256

Can I make calls to both landline and mobile?

Our Africa calling plans offer calls to both landline and mobile in countries across the continent. If you’re not using a plan, calls to landline and mobile are still available but may vary in price. Check out our Pay As You Go rates for individual countries to find out how much it costs to make an international call to a mobile or landline.

Can I transfer airtime to someone in another country?

Yes, you can send airtime to friends and family across the world. Our International Airtime Transfer service means you can send mobile credit from your Lyca Mobile account to another mobile abroad, even if it isn’t using a Lyca Mobile SIM. That means if your family want to call in Africa, they can do so using your Lyca Mobile credit, so you can all enjoy incredible value.